Mechanical mod vibrates when i press firing button?

I have a pisces t mod authentic with a nimbus rda authentic and a german OG gold/silver wooden two tone drip tip and recently i was firing it and it started to vibrate like a phone when i pressed the firing button i have heard that when it vibrates it is sending you a warning that something in the rda is malfunctioning and needs to be checked also might be batter being shot any ideas? I noticed also my wire would glow red it shouldnt if the cotton is there and its dripped well any ideas?

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    Hi this is me awnsering my own question becuz no one seems to have awsers for this issue i ended up checking my rda under microscope and i believe i found the problem i looked inside the hole that the wires create so the cotton may go thru it i saw that the cotton was like burnt off within the hole? Like the cotton was on the sides perfectly fine but when it goes inside the hole it like just burnt off ig i had over used my wire and cotton it was time for a change the cotton inside the hole wasnt there it just looked like it was going thru but it wasnt maby i put to little cotton i need to put more cotton that probably wat made the wire glow it didnt have cotton running thru the holes

    • Isa5 months agoReport

      oky guys this is me again firing so another reason why the mod gets get hot or the button gets hot is cuz the mod is a clone and also depends if you have a very thin mod sometimes its just inevitable but stick with authentic becuz it fires more strong that clones do do not listen to youtube people

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