Any free programs that don t require coding for making video games?

I ve spent six years trying to create a video game, but I don t have money and have no experience coding. I ve been getting upset recently because I can t do what I want. This has been a dream and a goal of mine for so long, but it s gotten harder to reach it. I just want some advice on what I should do.

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  • Lv 7
    6 months ago

    a dream remains a dream as long as you are not willing to grow and become smarter and more skilled.

    how can you build a tower when you do not want to learn architecture?

    just think of how much better your game could be if you learn to code it.

    learning to walk is only hard at first. once you can crawl, you are well on your way. the lazy never see their dreams fulfilled...

  • 6 months ago

    To be blunt, there are none.

    There are one or two "drag and drop" type things but they are way too limited to be seriously worth using.

    Six years?? You could have learned a serious programming language in that time, and written your game in that...

    Start studying C / C++ an then look at the Cocos2x-x framework for creating games or apps.

    Or Cocos creator, which is apparently even simpler:

    The way to learn is to _do_

    Just start.

    • Clarissa6 months agoReport

      Well six years ago I was ten and any coding I tried to learn in that time seriously confused me. When I got to highschool they had just removed the coding program. I don't have the experience that I wish I had in it since I could never figure out what I was doing.

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