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Daniel asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 6 months ago

Bad Haircut, Not just bad, but down right negligent.?

So I went to one of those chain haircutting places today to get a haircut, I'm not super familiar with barbers in general because I had one guy i used to go to just knew how I liked it did a good job. I dont ask for anything fancy just want a good professional looking hairstyle. Well when I got home it looked ok and it wasnt until I combed it out to go to bed and was mortified to find a diagonal line from the top of my right forehead to my left eye. Before leaving they had parted it and put product in so I couldnt check there but now I'm seeing this and I AM FURUOUS!!! I want the person who did this fired, a refund, and it fixed! It looks fine parted but I often dont style my hair, so if I wake up and just head out the door it will look horrendous. Before I get too angry, are haircuts for men who part their hair supposed to be uneven when combed out, because I have always had an even haircut and just parted it out fine when I tried to do anything. Also for reference I asked for 2 inches off and just trimmed up. They took off 5 inches and damn nearly buzzed it.

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  • 6 months ago

    You say they cut off too much. How are they going to put inches back? Just calm down. Comb your hair the way it needs to be to show what you like until it grows back out. Then go somewhere else next time.

  • Never go to a chain hair salon. They're cheap, which is't often good. You take your chances when you go to one of them. You should go back to the salon and see if you can get your money back, I'm not sure if there's much they can do to fix it. If this is they're only complaint then they're not likely to get fired.

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    6 months ago

    Those chain places make money on volume, not customer satisfaction. They're trained to do a quick, rough job, cover it up with product, and get you out of there so they can get on to the next customer. They don't really care if its a good cut for you, and they're not going to fire one of their staff just because a customer didn't like it. If you're in any way particular about your look, don't go to a chain place. its that simple. And hair grows back. Let it grow out a bit, go to someone who works on customer bookings and repeat business, and tell them exactly what you want.

  • 6 months ago

    Furious will get you nowhere. You may ask them to do it over, and explain carefully what you want, but the best bet is to take your business elsewhere next time. You may not really want a 2nd cut from this barber. Learn to wake up 2 minutes earlier and part your hair for a week. Then it won't matter

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  • Bill
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    6 months ago

    yeh -well bad luck old chum

    you got an apprentice cut and paid for it

    However there is no such thing as a bad hair cut that will not grow in a month. The question is --why did you not go to your regular barber

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