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Is a telescope tripod the same as for a camera?

There are lots of tripods at the thrifts and the one I have for my telescope is far from micromotion. But I don't know if they are interchangeable?

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  • Tom
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    6 months ago

    Only really cheap and terrestrial Telescope tripods. Telescope tripods are different in that the instrument is mounted on a cylinder that can be pointed at the north star/celestial pole and the telescope can move around the cylinder and up and down.on the fitting. The reason for this is so the telescope, once aimed at a star or planet need only be moved in one direction by a motor attached to the cylinder, or by hand more easily around the cylinder to keep the instrument tracking what it is looking at. ---to compensate for the Earth's rotation. A camera would use just a couple of swivel joints 90 degrees apart as it is aimed at a stationary object and locked in.---not effected by the Earth's rotation

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Telescopes, unless they are very small, are too heavy and cumbersome for a simple tripod. A few heavy-duty tripods, such as a surveyor's, can be sufficient.

    A good mount for a telescope should be heavy and steady, as the magnification of the image will also magnify the slightest vibration in the mount.

    Surveyor's mounts have been successfully adopted for telescopes; camera tripods, not so much - they are generally too flimsy. (The photo is not mine; it is taken from a Cloudy Nights ad).

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  • Clive
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    6 months ago

    A tripod is a tripod.

  • 6 months ago

    You can always get an Astronomical mount, even a motorised one that moves with the spin of the Earth

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  • 6 months ago

    I have used a telescope tripod for a camera. I don't know if it was typical because of the different mounts and I can see that if you want to use an astronomical telescope the chances are a camera mount would be a bad idea because of the rotation of the Earth.

  • 6 months ago

    They can be, and they can be interchangeable considered a smaller telescope or proper mount for a camera.

  • poldi2
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    6 months ago

    The issue really is strength and stability. A camera is not very massive, so camera tripods aren't particularly robust.

    But it would fit.

  • 6 months ago

    Depends on your scope and how you use it.

    For a small scope used for casual observation a sturdy camera tripod is fine. I have a Meade ETX that works very well on a Bogan tripod. Apart from terrestial viewing, It is just used for the occasional glimpse at the moon or planets.

    For more serious work, or a very large scope, you need something more substantial.

  • Nyx
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    6 months ago

    Not necessarily. Unless the scope is small, a camera tripod simply will not work.

    You need a tripod that can not only handle the weight of the equipment, (Telescope, mount, eyepieces) and not wobble, or quiver when touched for more than a second or two.

    You want beefy, sturdy, and well made.

    Something like this, for lightweight stuff -

    Or this, for the heavier stuff.

    Usually, You get a scope, mount, and a tripod together. Don't attempt to piecemeal it together, if you don't know what to get.

  • 6 months ago

    Depends on size and focal length, magnification, weight of telescope to be supported. The same for a camera. But usually, the one for a camera can be a lot lighter.

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