I want to kiss my best friend?

I need help My bff just admitted she masturbated and know all I can think of is dry humping her and how good it will feel and how pretty she is and I had a dream about herbbut I’m not lesbian or bi right I can’t be gay or bi and I most definitely can not like my best friend but I thought about her when I was masturbating I’m in the 8 th grade please don’t say I’m to young

2 Answers

  • 7 months ago

    It's not true that you "can't" be gay or bi. Most 13 year olds are at the beginning of puberty. That includes your friend. Whether you are really gay, straight or bi will be clear as you continue to develop. In the meantime, the world won't end if you tell her about your dream and see how you feels about kissing, etc.

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  • Well, just do it....

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