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How long should I ignore my dog in order of him knowing I’m upset with him destroying my things?

I feel like this is best form of punishment to make him realise he can’t go around destroying things in my room. I feel like he will learn if I show him I’m upset with him but how long do I need to be like this for?

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  • 6 months ago

    Sorry, but this makes no sense to me!!!! The thing to do is keep everything picked up, hung up and put away!!!!!! Then close the door and make sure it is well latched!!!! Or , even go so far as getting a hook and eye and putting it on the door and that way the dog will not be able to get to your stuff!!!!!

    You did not say if you are gone all day or are at home.

    One command that I teach all my dog is the DROP IT and LEAVE IT command. My dogs know these commands and know to drop it and leave it - no matter what the object might be.

  • Jojo
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    6 months ago

    Your dog would have no inkling of why you are ignoring him or are upset, and this is only done when a dog is seeking attention.

    To curb a dog of chewing up things it shouldn`t. First of all, its up to you to put valuable things away where the dog can`t reach them and only chastise him if you CATCH HIM IN THE ACT of destroying something, or he will not connect any reprimanding with what he is doing at the time. Its useless to reprimand him minutes AFTER he has committed the crime.

    You don`t say how old this dog is, and how much EXERCISE he gets daily, but it`s very often BORED dogs that resort to destroying things.

  • *****
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    6 months ago

    Your dog will have precisely ZERO idea why you're upset and will do nothing but possibly damage your relationship with him. Corrections for negative behavior need to be delivered within seconds of the undesirable behavior to be associated with it by a dog. Put things away that your dog could destroy. Confine him to a dog proofed space when unsupervised until he can be trusted.

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