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How to make your elderly dog more friendly?

I can't walk my American Stratford terrier without the fear of her biting another dog's head off. Cookie is not a bad dog it's just for some reason around other dogs she is hostile.. what can I do to make her less belligerent

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    ● "How to make your elderly dog more friendly?"

    I don't HAVE - and have never had - an elderly dog that wasn't friendly once introduced to people. And, while under my physical & verbal control, also friendly to dogs that weren't being obnoxious.

    So we have to assume that you meant:

    ◊ "How can I make my (?? years old) American Staffordshire Terrier bỉtch more friendly to other dogs?"

    ● "I can't walk my American Stratford terrier without the fear of her biting another dog's head off. Cookie is not a bad dog it's just for some reason around other dogs she is hostile.. what can I do to make her less belligerent"

    It's not YOUR fault that Cookie has such a ridiculous breed-name (1: as if any breed can be developed simultaneously on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and 2: have no trace of the Bulldogs and Bull Terriers from which it was developed). But it IS your fault that, during whatever period you have had her, you haven't bothered learning her breed's name and you have never spent about a year in a weekly training class, getting COACHED on how to be a competent trainer of Cookie (during which time she learns to stop worrying about the other dogs in the class, and to concentrate on your hand & voice signals).

    As indicated by [Lorraine], you need to supply RELEVANT information with your questions. So....

    ☆ click the the [Edit] under your question;

    ☆ click the [Add Update] that will pop up;

    ☆ type the answers to my questions and hers into the new field that appears.

    After you have checked and corrected the "new stuff",

    ☆ click [Submit] to permanently "glue" the "new stuff" to your "old stuff".

    💥1: How old (nearest year) are you? Do you have a vehicle?

    💥2: How old was Cookie when you got her?

    💥3: How old (nearest ½-year) is she now?

    💥4: Does she show any signs of stiffness or discomfort when getting up? - when walking?

    💥5: Does she have registration with your nation's ONE official kennel club (the AKC, if you're a Yank or Reb) as an American Staffordshire Terrier? I ask because I see quite a lot of Boxer about her in that photo. But it is NOT the STANDING with its head pointing out to one side and its tail pointing to the other side view that we NEED when evaluating breed-type, as seen with my Bea and her ancestors in:

    While waiting for your answers, the best I can do is agree with those who stated that you can't take her ANYWHERE at present, without first fitting a comfortable-but-impossible-to-shake-off basket muzzle.

    I have used a sleeve muzzle at the vet's, when the vet was pretty sure that what she was going to do would HURT. I also used one with a dog I had to keep inside - he was insanely jealous of my senior stud dog, and I could not afford to let him bark while I was outside cleaning the pens, exercising the senior stud & making him feel loved.

    According to "my" kennel club, ASTs average a 15 years life span.

    My GSDs have averaged a 12 year life span, with the oldest reaching 15 years 7 months.

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    then choose a couple of groups to Join - use the group's

    Message History

    on its /info page to make sure that it still has members who are ACTIVE. Then send an e-mail about yourself to the Subscribe address on that page.

    The people in them KNOW about that breed. Plus you can include several actual photos in your posts.

    😛 Also join

    so that you can easily look up all sorts of information about dogs, especially GSDs. It is an "encyclopaedia" group (to which members can ask for new sources to be added), not a discussion group.

    Les the aged Kiwi - first pup in 1950; GSD breeder & trainer as of 1968

    • Aged Kiwi
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      Thanks for the points, [Nick].
      But I'd rather you had ANSWERED my questions then waited another day for responses.

  • Anna E
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    6 months ago

    You can't. Sounds like she has dog aggression. To protect other dogs when you are walking, I recommend putting a muzzle on her.

  • 6 months ago

    You cannot. A muzzle is a requirement at this point and frankly the best (or honestly, only) option.

  • Jojo
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    6 months ago

    If the dog is elderly, its highly unlikely she is going to ever become dog friendly now, whatever you may try to stop it.

    I know nothing whatsoever of your dogs past life or her basic temperament and outlook on life or training, so therefore its almost impossible to give you any advice.

    Also if she acts the same on or off the lead.

    There are quite a few reasons why dogs can be over aggressive towards other dogs.

    eg: Dominance, Fear, lead restriction, lack of socialisation when young, Trauma with another dog when young, lack of training by owner.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 56 years.
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  • *****
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    6 months ago

    You don't. The time to address this was many years ago. At this point, you simply need to manage her in such a way that she cannot hurt anyone or another dog. That may mean using a basket muzzle for walks (NOT a soft muzzle because they restrict normal breathing and panting), or exercising in an alternative way if walking causes her and/or you stress (treadmill, fetch and games in the yard, etc.).

  • 6 months ago

    It's not a matter of her being "elderly" it's a matter of her being AGGRESSIVE and untrained. Why the Hell have you ALLOWED this behavior?

    MUZZLE her on walks and use a choke collar not a harness so you can CONTROL her. WTF???

    WTH is a "Stratford" terrier??? STAFFORDSHIRE? A "pit bull", I'm sure?

    • ZotsRule
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      Are you REALLY this stupid? A choke collar is only "unpleasant" if a dog continues to pull or lunge with it on which is WHY they work so well, moron.

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