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THC Vape Substitute?

I smoked too much of my moms THC vape pen, can I mix anything in with the oil to make it look the same and won’t damage her if she inhales it? I thought of water, but I looked it up, and it can damage a persons lungs. Please respond ASAP. (as many SAFE ideas as possible, please)

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    I don’t know anything about vape pen technology, but I can tell you that putting water in there probably is a very bad idea. I think they are only designed to operate on a specific type of fluid/oil. DO NOT PUT WATER, OR ANYTHING THE PEN IS NOT DESIGNED TO USE. If you do, you risk damaging or destroying the pen, which your mom would be much more angry about.

    It was a very bad idea to touch your mother’s vape pen to begin with, as:

    1) THC is harmful to the brain of a growing person (I’m assuming you’re a teen)

    2) Vaping is unhealthy for the lungs

    3) It’s not yours

    Is a short-lasting high worth all the potential UNCURABLE negative health effects in the future, or your mom getting angry at you? Just consider that next time before you reach for that vape pen.

    So now you know not to do it again. What now?

    Well, if you know the exact type of oil your mom uses and somehow obtain it, you could use that to fill it up.

    Otherwise, you have no options other than to hope your mom doesn’t notice.

  • You should have never even touched your mother's Vape Pen in the first place. It was not yours to touch and you had No Business smoking out of it. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the oil. You need to tell your mom the truth.

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