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I have a tax exempt question?

I have 2 jobs. One is delivering pizza. I have a lot of write offs. Can I claim exempt at my other hob?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Your only tax exempt if you own a store & resell stuff .

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  • Erik
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    6 months ago

    I also deliver pizzas, and have two jobs. My advice to you is to find an independent tax preparer, who can help you save hundreds of dollars. Don't go it alone.

  • 6 months ago

    No. You don't have ANY write offs unless you are an independent contractor with the pizza delivery and will be filing a business tax return. Deductibility of employee business expenses is gone and anything you could deduct would be eaten up in your $12,000 standard deduction.

    If that is self-employment income, you cannot claim exempt on a W-4 at another job. If the pizza job is just a second job and you get a W-2 for it, you can only claim exempt on a W-4 if you are certain that you will not earn more than $12,000 for the year (the standard deduction amount. Claim exempt and you are not and you can be penalized up to $500.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You learned ZIP in 10 months.

    I have a tax question?

    I was just wondering if someone delivers pizza for a living & if that someone finances a new or used car & they use it for deliveries, can they write of the payments on their taxes?

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  • 6 months ago

    Probably not. Theoretically, it's not impossible, but it's unlikely.

  • R
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    6 months ago

    You can claim anything you want. If you end up having more taxes withheld than your owe, then you will get a refund. If you have too little withheld, then you will have to pay at tax time.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    If it is a job where you are an employee (w-2), you won't have any writeoffs.

    Trump changed the rules.

    Between both jobs you want a total of 2 allowances. You can put 1 and 1, 0 and 2 or 2 and zero.

    Under no circumstances can you claim exempt on one job. (The only exception is if your total income for all jobs is less than $12,200.)

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