Do you think AEW could do big shows on other holiday weekends, daddy?

They have already seemingly declared Memorial and Labor Day weekends as their major weekends of the year, daddy, but do you think they could also draw on Thanksgiving weekend or New Year's Eve, daddy?

2 Answers

  • If AEW continues to market and promote and build toward making those shows major events like they have with All In and Double or Nothing? Why not. As candle points out back in The Territory Era every Professional Wrestling Promotions planned on and built toward major shows during The Holidays. Word Class Championship Wrestling for example had Star Wars. Even before Jim Crockett Promotions created Starcade, they ran major shows during The Holiday Season for years.

  • Candle
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Thanksgiving's an oddly favorable holiday for wrestling. Survivor Series and Starrcade were big show staples and often delivered around the Thanksgiving holiday. Starrcade even faded into late December at times. One of the biggest conventions in my area, WrestleCade, does huge numbers around late November, so I'd be willing to bet they'd get a crowd and a good viewing audience if they shot for Thanksgiving weekend shows. New Year's is a bit more questionable though. No one really throws a big show toward the end of the year. People are mostly out partying it up and not sitting at home watching wrestling.

    • Harley Race6 months agoReport

      And with Cody always wanting to pay tribute to his dad's legacy, I could see Cody pushing for a major show in the mid Atlantic region on Thanksgiving weekend as a tribute to Starrcast, Candle daddy.

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