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Weight loss plans that work?

I'm wanting to lose weight, but I'm a picky eater. I'm wanting a weight loss plan that has meal prep and work out that will help me lose weight. Like I put in what foods i like or dont and they make meals for me. Where can I find this?

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    7 months ago

    If you have access to medical care, seeing a doctor can give some seriousness to your efforts plus give you a diet to follow. that way you have moral support. The other way is to get a library book with suitable diet menus. I have been on these diets where you get an egg & 1/2 piece of toast plus milk and all things eaten it was more than I would eat normally, less the junk. The only real trouble is supplying and fixing the meals.

    When I was a fat kid I stopped eating puddings etc and ate oatmeal with milk and sugar whenever I wanted it. I did lose a lot of weight but it was also a growth spurt.

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  • 7 months ago

    No where unless you hire a nutritionist. If you want to do minimal amount of work/prep, you can always do jennie Craig. You talk with someone who sets up what foods to send you for the month based on foods you like. It's super expensive though. Then as the plan goes on, they give you recipies to make at home to start substituting some meals on what they send.

    A lot of do it yourself meal plans can really do a lot of harm on your body as you might be nutrient deficient in some vitamins or minerals do to the minimal types of foods you might eat. Like for instance, you not eating any green veggies. You'll lose out on a lot of stuff your body needs to maintain a healthy environment.

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