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Is laundry water turning brown when washing whites and letting them soak normal ?

In the past I would throw my white clothing into top loading washer let it go through normal wash cycle of 30 minutes. Today I decided since three of my dress work shirts were stained I would let them sit and soak. I used Tide, Bleach, Oxi-clean . I let it sit around 4 hours I went to check them and noticed the water was turning brown. Unfortunately this is public washer so I had to let it finish the cycle on its own because had it been my own private washer I would of drained the water and started the process over. The dress white work shirts came out cleaner than I have even seen them before.

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    No, not really .......

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    6 months ago

    If they came out cleaner than ever before why are you worried? I've noticed in the past that soaking sweaty garments in an oxibleach solution does turn the water a sort of yellowish brown. The clothes come out white though.

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