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Not fair at all?

So I’m in middle school and have an IEP. I have Adhd. The teachers a few months back reported to my case manager that I was not focusing in class and very hyper. I was like really, do they even read the IEP, and rad my diagnosis’s. My case manger told my mom right away. I hate my school, anyway,

How can I avoid meeting with my case manager, she makes me feel more stressed out and tells my mom every word for word I say. I understand she is trying to help me, but she is making my life miserable. I want nothing to do with her, she is so annoying. She does not leave me alone. She takes me out of class, to talk to her, well I’m working. I don’t need help, nor want it. I HATE HER. How can I avoid it? Please help.

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    having ADHD and an IEP doesn't mean you get a free pass. You need to work on controlling your symptoms ---with medication if your parents and doctors recommend that and with effort to pay attention and calm your self as much as you can.

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    Start focusing in class and stop acting so hyper.

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