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How can I improve my diet?

I’m 14 years old about to turn 15 and I weigh around 140 pounds. I go to the gym and always do a little bit of everything everyday; however I’m struggling on what foods I should be eating. For breakfast I was eating boiled eggs and idk if I should still with it or eat something else. Do lunch I would either not eat anything or maybe have a little snack. For dinner i usually eat some type of meat and rice. I want to stop eating rice and find another alternative food to eat but I can’t. I keep asking my mom to stop cooking rice but she just doesn’t get it. If anybody knows some alternatives please tell me! Also should I be eating less meat in dinner and maybe some fruit? If anybody could share some tips and instructions it would really be appreciated!

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    "How can I improve my diet?"

    One way in how you can improve your diet, is by adding some leafy green vegetables. Also add in some red, orange, and yellow vegetables. lt could be easily replaced with a baked potato with the skin on it. Then if you can add in some fruit, preferably fresh fruit when in season. Also another way to improve on your diet, is to not skip lunch. A peanut butter sandwich and some fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and celery can make for a nice lunch.

    You can also learn what is or isn't in what you're eating. Modifiers are also important with how a food is served and eaten, as these can affect the nutritional values of what you eat. Some of the modifiers are, baked, broiled, canned, cooked (this includes steamed, dry or moist heat), dried, dry roasted, fried, raw and roasted. I'll give you a some examples of searches you can use, to help towards your goal of improving your diet.

    potato baked nutrition

    broccoli raw nutrition

    broccoli cooked nutrition

    chicken breast skinless nutrition

    chicken liver pan fried nutrition

    avocado nutrition

    beets cooked nutrition

    beet greens canned nutrition

    Here's one example of a search and the results of it.

    broccoli cooked nutritional value

    Now I use as it has one of the most complete set of tables, and is easy to follow. I am NOT promoting or otherwise endorsing I also hold NO stake, or other interests in that site. It's nothing more than a tool to help myself, and anyone else, that may find it to be of benefit.

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    Improving your diet

    1.Keep track of how much you eat and don't eat more than you expend.

    2.Eat a wide variety of foods every day.

    3.Base your diet on cereals and whole grains.

    4.Increase fruit and vegetable consumption.

    5.Meet calcium requirements to ensure healthy teeth and bones.

    6.Reduce fat, salt and sugar intake.

    7.Drink plenty of water.

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    You're getting enough protein with your meat at dinner, so replace the eggs with fruit or even cereal w/milk with fruit on top. Your rice and meat is an excellent choice, you might add some veggies in that bowl. Alternatives to rice are foods like egg noodles and other pasta.

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