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Why did my questions get deleted ?

I just joined Yahoo a week ago I recently started using it again I asked about 5 questions last night they all got deleted. Who keeps deleting questions and why ?

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    Could be for a number of reasons. It could have been a violation. The reporter does like you or maybe did not like your question. Some do it just for the hell of it. You can appeal using the help menu above right in the gear wheel. Click on Contact us.

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  • Ben
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    6 months ago

    Because enough trusted reporters reported the question for a violation in the community guidelines.

  • .
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    6 months ago

    Questions get removed when enough users report them as violations as you well know. Your account may have been created a few weeks ago, but your experience here spans many years (and this is not the first account you've used the username "Snape" for).

    Misrepresentation is a TOS violation on Yahoo Answers.

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  • Daniel
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    6 months ago

    Most Likely Due to a Violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines

    Check the Rule Book to see what you may have Done wrong if After Reading you find you did nothing Wrong then Appeal use the Alternative Appeal Form

    If you got a Violation Email Notice dont use the Link from the Message that one is not working Correctly you will get a Error message saying it did not come from your Account

    Who is doing it Specifically that you can not Find out Yahoo does not tell people who Specifically has Reported it

    To Appeal go here

    Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions from there

  • Zirp
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    6 months ago

    Any question will get deleted if enough users report them. If you want to know why they did, you need to QUOTE the question, VERBATIM, in the details-box of a "why was this deleted?" question

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Intrademensional creatures negative gravitize them, then they are no longer part of this dimension.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Hi Sherlock.

    You know why your questions are being deleted and you didn't just join this site a week ago. You are being reported for crying & comforting trolling.

    Don't play the innocent card.

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