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Could i have leukemia?

Recently i've been feeling very strange. I've tried to call a docter but they are closed due to the holidays.

My stomach has been feeling bad when i drink water. When i consume water my stomach immeadiatly get hot feeling in my stomach and kinda feel dizzy and nauseous

I literarly couldt sleep because my stomach wouldt stop being upset. It was a horrible, the worse positions where the one where i lay on my stomach and the worst is the laying on my side.

I also feel some weakness in my body, i just dont feel like i got enough energy to stand or run! My back also hurts alot of time!

My hands be having these wierd pinching feelings

THESE symptoms get worse at night.

I also feel very wierd pressure pain around my neck,brain,chest, legs and back and while doing research online i found out that those places are exactly where the lymph notes are located which makes me think it could possibly be leukemia or lymphona.

And finaly sometimes when i blow my nose i find bits of blood on my paper.... also im 19

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    That's not the symptoms of leukemia that's the symptoms of rabies! I seriously doubt that you have it but if you think you have something wrong go to the doctor and get a blood test a couple of days is not going to kill you but you do need to get the tests and find out what's wrong with you meanwhile if you start getting the desire to bite people and start foam at the mouth well you'll know!

  • LAN
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    7 months ago

    No, just like every other time you continually post this mindless idiocy.

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  • kelvin
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    7 months ago

    you don't have that

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Sounds like an upset stomach.

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  • Pearl
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    7 months ago

    that water could be contarninated and thats why its rnaking you sick, if your doctor aint available go to the er

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