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What is a typical cost in the US to change a gas line for a gas stove/oven to a new electrical outlet for a possible electrical stove?

Basically to change from gas power to electrical power in a house? There are currently 3 gas pipes in the house. 2 are for ovens, and 1 is for a dryer.

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  • It may cost around $300-350

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  • 1 year ago

    Gas line has nothing to do with the electric. What it costs is largely dependent on the capacity of your existing system and how far the heavy duty cable needs to be run. You need to get a couple of estimates from a local electrician.

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  • 1 year ago

    In newer houses "Both" are provided behind the gas stove you might see a strange looking wall receptacle that's already wired for 220volts your new stove needs. An electrician would install a line for about $250 to $500

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  • Jim
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    1 year ago

    I would guess about $2500 to $4000

    btw, most people want a gas stove.

    I personally use Induction which is electrical and LOVE it.

    • LOL what kind of a guess is that? That's outrageous and so totally wrong and if you would have written $2500-2800 some schmuck would have believed it, but you wrote $2500-4000? HAHAHA WOW

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  • 1 year ago

    You DON'T. The normal procedure is to turn off the line and cap it. Installing an electrical circuit is a totally separate issue and the cost depends on how far the site is from the panel, and ease of accessing the path of the wire.

    In my condo, the panel is in the basement and about 6 feet from where the wire goes through the kitchen floor.

    At least half the cost of replacing the circuit would be the minimum fee the electrician charges just to show up.

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