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What's the "ultimate Proof" that someone who says they're making good $ really is?=-A house, car, vacations? whatwould be the best "proof" ?

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    Depends on your definition of making really good $. Many appear wealthy using credit or someone else's money.

    That you have a box to live in that has five rooms or twenty means what.?You can only be in one room at a time.

    You have a garage with one car or ten? You only drive one at a time.

    I have a New car paid for, a new to me house paid for , a full closet and pantry. My salary is not very big.

    My credit Card just has this months purchases on it. They will be paid off in a few weeks when I pay my monthly bills.

    Can I afford an around the world cruise ? NO.

    Do I search out the bargains? YES

    You appear to feel proof is just a list of the toys someone has or the expense of the food or clothes they have.Some are never satisfied and just want MORE.

    Ultimate proof? Doing what they want, when they want and not concerned about the cost.

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    Apart from gaining access to their paperwork?

    None. Just look at the fake German heiress Anna Sorokin. She had everyone fooled for a while with her designer clothes, expensive lifestyle etc., but there was no money to back it up. Compare her with the real German heiress, Ise Bosch, who lives very modestly, but is member of one of the world's richest families.

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    It's when they use a stack of gold bars as a coffee table.

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    The real proof is not having these things, but having them in your own right without any debt. Lots of people manage to maintain the appearance of a wealthy lifestyle through heavy borrowing and risky investment strategies. You're not really making good money until you can spend without having debt collectors breathing down your neck.

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  • Greg
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    There is no way to "prove" anything as vague as "good $". That is way too subjective. A tax return, assuming it is accurate, would show how much income, but it would not qualify the amount only quantify it.

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    financial statements

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      If you meant 'socially' you should have said so in your question. Add it now by clicking on EDIT and posting an Update, or you'll continue to get answers that don't answer what you really want to know.

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