I found the Michael Jackson History Past, Present and Future Book I 3 record set. How much is it worth?

It was my dads old record and I’m selling all the records, with his permission of course. Everywhere online is telling me it ain’t worth much with others telling me it is. I’m pretty sure it’s an old copy of the record cause I ever it always being around.

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    6 months ago

    Well, I mean, its a rare and out of print album by a deceased artist, so it could definitely be worth something. There's copies on ebay ranging from $50 up into the thousands. Its definitely not worth thousands, but you might be able to sell it for $100+ if its in mint condition and you find the right collector. Unfortunately, if its been played, its less desirable as a collectors item.

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    Just do a google search and ebay search of it and see what others are selling it for. From a quick search it looks like it sells for a bit over $250 if the results I'm getting are really what you have and if its in good condition.

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      Thanks man, been looking more into it and it seems to be a high price seller which is good. Just curious cause I don’t want to charge someone a lot for it when it’s not genuine or under sell it

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