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Fluent speakers of English, I need your help with my English?

I need to translate a historical text about nobility and their horses but I'm not sure if it sounds natural for an English speaker?

The Brits also appreciated these horses for their ability to adapt to extreme changes in temperature and bought them so that they could transport them to their African colonies.

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    It's a bit of a run-on sentence. You could fix that by chopping it in two, or at least by inserting a comma after "temperature".

    And Slumlord's right - "Brits" is great if you are giving a talk or want to affect a very familiar tone in your piece, but if it's an academic submission, I'd go with "British".

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  • Lôn
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    7 months ago

    Yes, that sounds fine.......

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  • 7 months ago

    Sounds pretty good to me. I might change "Brits" to "British" but that's the only recommendation I can give you (and Brits is ok just kinda informal for a text).

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