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Problem with application memory in windows 7 32 bit?


I used firefox with many opened tabs. Firefox used 1.7 GB and more of RAM and worked well. But unfortunately after one windows update, firefox started to crash using memory above 800 - 900 MB of RAM. Later it turned out that this is much more serious problem because some serious programs (cad system ANSYS) intended to use 2 GB RAM and above, now crash at 1.2 GB RAM or about. Is there way to return to previous behavior of windows 7 32 bit where applications could use 2 GB of ram with no problems?

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    6 months ago

    "after one windows update" that's your problem, updating your OS when you don't need to update. Microsoft has been caught issuing telemetry and malware in their updates to windows 7... there are groups that check to see what updates are safe to install but blindly trusting Micro$oft to not break your system is a coin flip.

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    You could try running the command

    bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

    and then rebooting to increase the amount of memory available to each application to the maximum of 3 GB. That shouldn't be necessary, though, since the limit is 2 GB by default. I would check what drive your paging file is on and that it has enough space if you're getting "out of memory" errors.

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