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What’s going on with my throat?!?

This is about general health, not necessarily women’s health. Okay, I’m so confused and just at a freaking loss here. Back in January I was super sick, I kept going to the doctor and they just kept telling me I was fine, didn’t give me antibiotics because they wanted me to wait it out. During this time a hole developed in my one tonsil and everyone chalked it up to tonsil stones. I NEVER had those before, but after discovering the hole I did get a stone out. Now fast forward till now. Ever since then when I breathe deeply I randomly get a sharp pain in my left tonsil ( not the one with the stone). Now all of a sudden on the right tonsil, I’m getting random sharp pains, quick ear pain that comes and goes and I see a tiny clearish bubble on the right tonsil. ( the one with the stone) I just went to the doctor and she said I was fine. But this **** keeps happening and I’m starting to freak out. I don’t have money to keep visiting the doctor. So here iam, can anyone possibly give their opinion on what’s happening?!?! It doesn’t hurt to swallow, all routine blood work came

Back perfect. I just don’t understand.

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    Can you visit a hospital for free? Like in Britain , good luck your in my thoughts

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