Are there any iPhone music player apps that can save your place in multiple playlists at once?

Getting fed up with how the default music app keeps glitching on me, and thinking of trying a third party one. But in researching the alternatives, I can’t seem to find one thing on my mental wishlist mentioned anywhere. I really want to be able to be in the middle of a shuffled playlist, switch to a completely different playlist, and then later come back to the first one in the same spot I left it. And save the second one for later, etc. Indefinitely. Each separate playlist would have its own save state that would be stored in memory until I decide to either shuffle that playlist again or play it in order. Wouldn’t this be simple enough to program? Has anyone done it?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Want 4 playlists with start memory? Use four different brands of players/apps. Right now, nobody is going to do what you wish, at least not on phones. Or you can figure out how to retrieve playlists from the cloud - but you would not have start memory control, not just access. Start memory works between linked devices - you start a movie in the kitchen at lunch, you pause/ shut off and pick it up at that spot, in the den - and yes, we have left it things paused, and picked them up instead. But what you ask on a phone - too small a niche that care enough, to make designers do this.

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    6 months ago

    its simple to program but no one has it. ...sometimes my spotify glitches out and it does actually happen how you describe...but most of the time not

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