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Why should Canadian geese not be fed?

I see people feeding them all the time. There are many Canada goose near my house. People feed them loaves of white bread and many other things on a daily basis.

Just wondering what's wrong in feeding them? I know many say not to feed them, but why

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    Feeding geese a diet of cookies, cake, breads and crackers overloads the with preservatives and makes them feel full, they stop eating their natural diet and slowly starve from malnutrition because of the poor diet, their eye sight is affected, feathers, bones become weaker from not enough calcium, they lack the proper nutrients to produce oils to groom themselves and be water resistant, feathers fray and they look plucky and sparse, some cannot fly, some dye because they become too weak to find their own food and keep eating rotten bleached no vitamin vslue bread..

    Besides the health of the geese there’s the destruction of property, wall to wall goose poop on, in, over and under everything, septic biohazard, nice fresh ponds the fish all die, only living life is snapping turtles, enough poop they die off from lack of oxygen in the water. All life dies in the water except Alge and bacteria, basically a huge Petri dish. It takes years or thousands and thousands of dollars to pump out tons and tons of water, chemically testing and neutralizing the water, putting in artificial aerators which don’t always recover the bio system. The lawns turn into a green moldy turd collection often ten inches or greater deep, killing the grass and spoiling the dirt, lawns need stripping and the top layer of soil needs treatment before things will grow again because of the high acid level. Yes poop is used as fertilizer but not factory fresh in mega ton allotments, it’s put in piles to break down chemically, mixed in with other ingredients, not 100% pure, not even cow manure is pure. Then after it goes through it’s composting it breaks down to a usable fertilizer when mixed in with other ingredients.

    Next issue are the birds themselves, instead of the natural dozens to hundred that come in, land and rest then take off, more and more come in for the free meals, they poop the place silly and because of the bed diet if they lay eggs, the shells are too thin and that years bfeeding stonc seldom hatches because of breakage or the eggs are not fertile because of the lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins in their diets.

    Now an area there set up for 50 to100 geese by nature is now supporting 2,000 or greater, instead of several days to sleep, eat and rest they eat, eat, poop and eat.... staying a month or longer, as long as there is free food that fills their bellies. In some area they are traffic hazards, others just pests. Would you want to wake up and find 500 geese pooping all over your yard, in your pool, on your car, on your patio furniture etc. yes it will only take about two weeks of cleaning to get things close to normal again, a few undressed hours of work and a couple hundred dollars for cleaning supplies. Gardens wrecked, nothing is growing except what grass has survived.

    Some geese don’t awant to move on, then you had year round guests, usually dropping dead in the worst if the cold because those that were willing to stand outside and feed them a dozen loaves of bread have gone even the die hard people feeding at the beginning of winter, the birds are now bewildered as to where the free meals went to... they are cold, some freeze to death as no adequate shelter, still no food coming in, they burn their body fat and eventually die off suffering a lingering lonely death.

    Sad thing is even though this happens every single year, people still need to feed the geese despite the death and disease rate. That don't care that the geese are suffering, they don’t see the corpses laying around having been run over several times because they didn’t get away in time. They love feeding these birds, don’t care that they are spoiling the balance in nature, it’s fun to do, tradition to do it with little kids etc and they think they are helping. Even if they fed whole grains or goose food commercially made it would be better than giving them tons of junk food.

    It would be like having a child and feeding him soda, koolaid, fake fruit punch and sugar cookies with no milk or dairy, no proteins, no greens, real fruit etc. how long will it take that child to start cramping up and getting sick from the sugar. They would eventually stop growing, their teeth would rot out and they would get so weak they would eventually die.

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    They need to go on their migratory flight, feeding them keeps them from that, also bread it not nutritious at all.

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    Nutritional issues, such as Angel wing, can develop when they are eating bread instead of their natural diet. Geese tend to be aggressive creatures as well, and if they realize that humans have food, they will start directing their natural aggressions toward humans.

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    That depends. If they are the "native" Canada geese, the reason is that the bread keeps them from eating the food that is better for them. If the bread has become moldy, it can be hazardous to their health. OTOH, they could be the non-migratory giant Canada geese from the upper Midwest. Some years back, a game biologist had what he thought was a bright idea to transplant them to other parts of the country to provide sport for hunters. They thrived, so much so, that they overpopulated the area. At first, other states were happy to take the excess to start their own flocks. Now, they have to rank with mongooses and multiflora rose as really, really stupid introductions. The geese stay in the same area year-round and do nothing but eat and poop. Golf course managers hate them with a passion. They change the "greens" to whites. The bread that you feed them keeps them around and a flock of 100 can deposit seven TONS of manure per year on the greens and in the water. I was checking a badly-managed waste-water treatment plant and was surprised to find that the contamination of the stream did not come from the plant but from a small reservoir upstream, loaded with ducks and geese.

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    There are 3 main reasons not to feed wildlife.

    1] Feeding them attracts them, and too many geese can make a mess. If you don't mind the mess, and people in general don't mind the mess, that's okay.

    2] The food people feed them may not be good for them. However, grain forms a large part of a goose's diet, so feeding them bread should not be a big problem.

    3] Feeding wild animals makes them dependent on humans for food. Then, if people quit feeding them in bad weather, for instance, they may starve.

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    A few reasons. First the geese will eat it and will not eat their natural foods, which can contribute to malnutrition. Second, feeding geese will attract larger numbers. Third, bread causes the geese to poop more and canada geese poop enough. So if you feed geese you will be attracting more poop machines to the area.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    They'll never go away if you feed them.

  • 6 months ago

    Theres loads of info on Google. Bread doesnt help them nutritionally, but they feel full with it in their stomachs, so they starve

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    Feeding them encourages them to stay in your area. Ever keep geese? We once had a flock of 40 geese, and while they are delightful to look at, and good at alerting for and frightening intruders, in almost every other way they are a real pest.

    Pest? Why? They will beg for food and attack if they do not get it. They poop everywhere. Everywhere. Everywhere. Poop, poop, poop.

    If you want to feed birds, either put in your own small flock of chickens, or have one of the commercial poultry outfits set you up with those huge barns so you can keep 60,000 chickens. Either way you will learn tremendous respect for birds.

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    Because white bread and other junk is not part of their natural diet. White bread is not even good for humans to eat.

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