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Is racism a racial preference?

Having a debate over a Parkland survivor that was denied acceptance to Harvard for making racial remarks. (N-Word)

Someone commented that the Student being a Hispanic minority can sue Harvard because and I quote "Intelligent people would know that an IRS tax exempt institution cannot decide racial preference of attendees..... wait for the Student's $350 million dollar law suit"

I tried to argue that racial preference means that the tax exempt institution/college may not take the race of applicants into account in order to achieve a particular racial mix of students.

The person still argues that it also means Students can't be discriminated against for having a racial preference.

Although in my opinion I think there is a big diffrence between being racist and having a racial preference such as what you're attracted to.

So for the sake of argument. Is having a racial preference being racist?

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  • Zirp
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    7 months ago

    No, it's just a lame excuse to treat some people as less than human.

    Scientifically, all humans alive are the same race, and ANY genetic trait can be passed on independently from skincolour/skullshape/etc

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  • martin
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    7 months ago

    Although there's a fine line between prejudice and preference when preference is only to meet a certain quota, the two blur together so sufficiently that you can pretty much decide someone at Harvard said enough is enough and cut off the list of Hispanic minorities before getting to the person in question, and if they knew about the N-word remark that person made, also took that into consideration on whether that person would fit in at Harvard.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    No. It's right in the terms.

    Racial PREFERENCE is showing preference over another race. It's not racism as racism is the exclusion of all other races based on the preference of your own.

    You can have Racial Preference without being racist.

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