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i am male.why my younger sister is taller than me?

i am 24 years old Male. my younger sister is 17 years old.

but she is teller than me. my heaight 5 feet 7 inches.

but her heaight is 5 feet 11 inches. someone says she is like my elder sister. i feel sad. any way to beat her heaight. place help me..

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  • Darren
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    6 months ago
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    Why does this bother you? For you, this is an advantage. An average looking 24 guy who is 5'7 becomes "cute" to girls. But I can't necessarily think of any advantages for being a 5'11 girl.

    Appreciate what you have instead of worrying about others.

    • tom5 months agoReport

      she is my younger sibling. sometimes she is dominating me. i surrendered to her because she is stronger than me. i don't like tt.

  • 5 months ago

    your sister is very tall for a woman. My sisters (they are all adults) are about 5'4". My mom is only about 5'1". I'm average about 5'10".

    So it is your sister than taller than average but you are not short like a "dwarf".

  • 6 months ago

    Sometimes it happens. Sometimes a younger person is taller than an older person. It is common for 13 year old boys to be taller than 30 year-old females.

    But sometimes it can happen the other way around.

    It should not bother you. Maybe you are from a culture in which height is given more importance than it actually has as is being male.

    If so, you might have a lot to learn.

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    cause god rnade her taller than you, take that up with hirn and be thankful youre not 4ft5 like rne

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  • Will
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    6 months ago

    Because she knows how to spell Height and she got the better genes. In a playful and non-insulting way, start referring to her as your big sister.

    "Why are you calling me that?"

    "Because you are. You're taller than me, so that makes you a big sister. And now that you're a big sister, I, your little brother, can be obnoxious and pesky to you."

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