yamaha aerox 50 4 stroke restriction?

I have the yamaha aerox 50cc 4 stroke liquid cooled scooter with fuel injection and I m trying to find all the restrictors that make the bike go 49km/h max. So far I ve taken out the washer out of the variator, which helped the max speed go from 49km/h to 55km/h and I was wondering what else could be restricting it s speed? I ve noticed that the rpm s aren t restricted, so I don t think the electronics are the problem.

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Yamaha used the variator shim for speed restriction based on market laws. 25mph, 30 mph, 35mph or no restriction for the markets that didn't have advantage of speed restriction/moped license class. Next possible for 4 strokes is inlet maniflod/throttle body restrictor.

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