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Spike asked in HealthOptical · 6 months ago

Are There Any Online Sites On How To Keep Your Eyeglass Prescription From Changing Too Much?

I have done searches online like " Ways to and How To, keep your eyeglass prescription from changing too

much. But the search come up with like:

Why does my prescription keep changing?

Worried Your Eyeglasses Prescription Keep Changing Until You Go Blind?

5 Signs it’s Time to Change Your Eyeglass Prescription

3 Ways to Know if You Need New Glasses - wikiHow

Why Does My Eye Prescription Change? | Sight Eye Clinic

Should I worry that my eyeglass prescription is increasing?

I just want ways for a person to help[ themselves in daily life not just talk to the end and there answers to way to go about. But just all reasons and why and it might not sound so good. I know it gets into eye vision, when it talks about. More of what can we do to help ourselves just there exercise for the body, etc.....


The reason I ask I don't want my eyes to go so bad in high index lens. My las two pairs were high index lens and my current eyeglass that a little more then 3 and half years old is also. I just don't that without it on for a second or two that I feel like I'm blind that level bad. I found out online that Johnny Deep has high index lens and he at the staring point of feeling like he blind with out it on. I just don't want to be like him.

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  • Bernd
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    6 months ago

    The human body is made from living tissue, not steel. It changes throughout your life, including your eyes.

    AND needing glasses does not mean you are going to become blind. I have needed glasses for years. After two cataract surgeries, still wearing glasses, I am still close to 20/30 visual acuity, with the glasses. Relax.

    The best way to protect your vision is wear quality sunglasses and hat in bright sun. Stay fit and active with a healthy diet rich in fruit and veggies to help protect the retina. And regular eye exams.

  • 6 months ago

    There really is nothing you can do to stop your vision from changing , at least until your growth has stopped.

    Males grow until the early 20's so changes in the vision will happen most often before then. After 25 the vision usually remains almost stable for about 15-20 years with maybe a couple of minor changes. Then presbyopia starts setting in around 45 which will cause some changes to happen again although that is just in the close vision.

    So, you won't find any legitimate sites that can tell you how to stop the vision from changing because that is out of our control.

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