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What can be done about landlords taking a section of the fence down & not replacing it?

They took down a section of the fence in our backyard to remove a tree. They have not replaced it yet & it's been three weeks. Our backyard backs up to an apartment house with a walkway they can walk up. We fear someone will just walk into our yard that was private before they did this.

The landlord also told us to remove curtains we hung up on the front porch archway six years ago when we moved in. They've seen these a number of time so we don't get why they're now telling us to remove them. We like them up there as they provide privacy. They are claiming we will be charged for digging into the stucco to hang them.

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    You can give 30 days notice and move. See how he likes that...suddenly not having people there paying rent!

    And the curtains on the front arch... seriously you are living in a HOUSE not a homeless camp. That is trashy trashy trashy...and I do not care if you paid $10,000 for the curtains...hanging them where they are hanging is trashy and 3rd world trashy.

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    He is not required to replace any portion of the fence. If he tears it all down, that's his right. There was likely a complaint about the curtain on the porch. It doesn't belong there. So the city came to see it and either cited the landlord or just ordered him to take it down. Either take it down or expect to pay a big fine, possibly from the city and, of course, if you don't remove it, you will be evicted. Curtains belong on the INSIDE of the window.

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    Yes, of course you'll be charged. No tenant is allowed to dig into the house & cause damage. As for the fence unless the lease stated you have a fenced yard you can't do anything about it. He could remove the whole thing if he wanted to.

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    If you are unhappy, move.

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    A fence does not affect the habitability of the dwelling. You can continue to ask the landlord when he plans on putting up the new section of fencing.

    You may as well take the curtains down now and ask the landlord to repair the damaged stucco. You will be billed for the work since you caused the damage, but you're either going to pay it now or pay it later after you move out.

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    You hang exterior curtains??? I must have missed that the first time.

    You sound like great tenants...exterior curtains is pretty weird and not something you do to a house you don't own....

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    If it were me I'd just keep bugging him to replace the fence and take the curtains down for a week, then put them back. If they keep complaining, keep taking them down for a few days then put them back saying you need the privacy.

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    doubtful that they will walk through. the rest of the fence shows the property line, if they wanted to go into your yard, they would have just hopped the fence when it was there...if that didn't happen, not likely to now.

    get a rope and tie it across the open space for now.

    the FACT is that since you rented a house with the amenity of a fence, the landlord must maintain it for the duration of the lease or compensate you for the removal of that amenity. you would be entitled to notice--often 1 month that the fencing would no longer be included once the lease expires. I estimate the value of the fence that you pay for in your rent is $5/month. Are you really willing to fight with the landlord over that?

    a month is reasonable time to replace a fence as it is not a health and safety issue.

    yes you can charged for damaging the stucco. general terms of a lease prohibit you from damaging the landlords property with things like curtains in an archway. you could possibly use a tension rod or maybe 3M hangers that won't damage the wall.

    A FENCE IS A NECESSITY WHEN THE AMOUNT YOU AGREED TO PAY INCLUDED IT. It does not have to be specifically mentioned in the lease

    i don't see where you said it was a WOOD fence.

    i UNDERSTAND your concern is not about BREAKING in, but simply wandering in/trespassing into the yard

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    Nothing unless your rental contract specifies that you will have a fenced yard.

    Curtains on the exterior of the house? Ugh. I'd tell you to remove them too. Yes, if you damaged the stucco to nail crap on the outside of the house, that will be yours to pay for.

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    Not much. A fence isn’t considered necessary. You could point out how others could access his property and possibly damage it, or offer to help put in a cheap one from Home Depot. The curtains, nothing there. Try a screen or a roll up bamboo screen

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