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Do these symptoms mean my bicuspid aortic valve is getting worse?

Don't just tell me to see a doctor cos I'm going to I just want some opinions first

Extreme tiredness

Shortness of breath while laying in bed

Chest tightness



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  • abdul
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    6 months ago

    Yes they do. Your valve is closing more and more causing your symptoms to increase. The extra work your heart is doing trying to squeeze the blood out of the constricted valve will cause you heart to enlarge, and begin to fail. Your ankles will swell because of congestive heart failure. You didn't mention your age. I had this same diagnosis at 59. I had the replacement surgery at 60, and now I am 70. You really should not postpone it too long. I was fortunate to have it diagnosed before the first heart attack. Often, the 1st heart attack is also the last one. Don't wait.

  • 6 months ago

    It normally has three cusps so is called a tricuspid valve. If you only have two then it is a congenital defect that is found in 1-2% of the population. The symptoms you note are seen when it is failing and allowing a back flow into the ventricle. To compensate the ventricle of the heart gets bigger. That can be seen on a Chest X-ray but you can also see it on an EKG as the QRS wave gets a lot bigger. Another symptom is loss of diastolic pressure causing a larger pressure difference between it and the systolic pressure. You can often feel that as heavy bounding pulses in the arteries. Eventually you will either go into congestive heart failure and die or you will need to get it replaced. Palpitations are not usually a part of it and that could mean there is a second problem with the heart.

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