Shouldn't the people in Hong Kong leave if they are smart?

Sooner or later the Chinese government is going to establish the same rule of law they have on the mainland

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  • 1 year ago

    it's hard to leave. not everyone is privileged enough to be able to leave whenever they want.

  • Foofa
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    1 year ago

    Turns out Vancouver can't host them all, so one wonders where you expect them to go.

  • Clive
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    1 year ago

    The real question is CAN they leave? They can't go anywhere unless they are citizens of somewhere else or have an immigrant visa for where they want to go - and normally countries won't give you an immigrant visa unless you have a skill they want or need. You can't just decide to move to another country. Certainly not the USA, which is forever complaining about illegal immigrants. I certainly can't go there except as a tourist unless an employer will sponsor me for the visa or I marry an American.

    Now there's another thing... the UK, for example, has cracked down heavily on "marriages of convenience" so just having a marriage certificate isn't enough to get you a visa on the grounds of being in a relationship with a Brit. It wants to see evidence of a real relationship. Just something I happen to know about because I live in the same London borough as most of Heathrow Airport, so our civic centre's register office (which conducts civil weddings) is very familiar with spotting the signs. It's usually Indians who managed to con the Home Office with fake paperwork so they get a visa, then the registrars get twitchy about the fact that the couple don't seem to know each other well, they call the police, the police interview each of the two separately, establish that they hardly know anything about each other, and the non-Brit gets a free trip back to Heathrow for deportation. They also go on the list as not being allowed to enter the UK again for another 10 years, or maybe permanently.

    Another popular method used to be getting a student visa and then not going home afterwards. The Home Office's response to that is total refusal unless you have a place in a college or university on their approved list, so if you want to study in the UK, you get your confirmed place and THEN apply for the visa. Which the Home Office will give you pretty fast knowing that you probably don't have much time before the course starts. I used to work in further education funding and we got an application for money from a "college" called "Gateway2uk". I mean, come on, who are you fooling? Of course we said no.

    (Just out of interest, Heathrow keeps our local magistrates' court busy - all the drug smugglers end up there.)

    This is why, when the UK had to give Hong Kong back in 1997 after the lease expired, what it did was create a new category of citizenship, British National (Overseas) in 1985. This did not give them the right to live in the UK but it made it easier to enter the UK and work towards becoming full British citizens. Parliament didn't want to make it any easier because there were over 3 million eligible Hong Kongers. But the opportunity was there and eligible Hong Kongers had 12 years to decide what to do.

    And many even then thought of other places to go. Canada was popular. Go and visit Vancouver and see all the Chinese faces. Especially in Queen Elizabeth Park when there's a tai chi session going on (I have a photo of this!)

    So the UK did all it was willing to do at the time. But now Hong Kong is definitely Chinese, it can't interfere any more. If anyone wants to leave, they can, but they need the money or the skills, just like anyone moving anywhere.

  • 1 year ago

    Mainland China since they took control of Hong Kong back have

    been bending the will of free people on that Island. Without Hong

    Kong China would lose a huge source of revenue from their

    economy. So they are not about to give up on oppressing those

    who want out of the agreement.

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  • Yes. Its only going to get much, much worse. They should fly to a western country and ask for sanctuary. They are educated and make good citizens, In there US we have jobs that we can not fill. They need to get out on HK since the communists are itching to take over

  • Diana
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    1 year ago

    One of the main sources for today's Big Brother surveillance is a system called, Palantir, (which you should do a search for). The electronic infestation of it is global. So, it would do no good for the Hong Kong residents to flee to another country.

  • Alan
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    1 year ago

    Hongkong people had 100 years of democracy and freedom under British rule until recent times. Do not think the Hongkong people are going to become subservient to the Chinese government in China so easily. They cannot jail millions of people!

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Are you familiar with the concept of citizenship?

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