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Am I pregnant ???

Okay so I’m on the pill . 3 active weeks with 1 week with the placebo pills . I haven been slacking with my BC with at times missing 4 pills at a time . Around the time I miss pills I have unprotected sex in which my partners cums inside. I usually get my period on day 3-4 of the placebo week. This time I started bleeding on the 1st day of my placebo week . It has been accompanied by harsh cramps but little blood .

To give a batter description. On Saturday night I noticed some blood when I wiped .by early Sunday morning (1:00 am ) there was a little bit of blood on my Tampon .. followed by the rest of the day by 10:00 pm Sunday I had stopped bleeding .. I woke up this morning ( Monday) still no blood . Just a brown tint when I wipe .

*also* my periods are never like this. For 2 years every month since I been on the pill, my periods are 4 days long and somewhat heavy on the first day . That’s the concern going on

Should I buy a test ? Is it too early ?

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  • ?
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    2 years ago

    The pill is only effective if it is taken constantly and regularly. Any lapse is counterproductive and will bring you back to square one. Start from zero. Read the insert.


  • Pippin
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    2 years ago

    You are not 'on the pill.' You are randomly taking hormones in no particular pattern -- and clearly TRYING to get pregnant, since you have sex without a back-up method when you KNOW you haven't been using your current method correctly.

    Since you are having regular, unprotected sex, of course you could be pregnant. Slight spotting is not a period.

    Because your random hormone use has altered your cycles, it's hard to say if you are actually 'late' or not -- but you could test now -- or wait a little longer.

    (And since you clearly DO want a baby, just stop taking the pills. They aren't doing you any good.)

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