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I m 16 years old and I don t seem to her hard like i used to.?

I m not a virgin and I masturbate quite frequently. I ve noticed that when I m with my gf I don t get hard like i used to. I used to get hard upon her touching me and stay that It takes alot to get me hard and if we stop for a minute it goes down. I thought it was because I wasn t sexually attracted to her anymore. But when we broke up and i got with someone else..she sat on my lap and I didn t get hard until about 40 seconds after. When I masturbate I m not fully hard. And I don t wake up with a morning hard on as often. Am I okay?

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  • 6 months ago

    Your penis is suffering from over use.

  • Vortex
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    6 months ago

    When you first had sex it was all new and exciting. Once you've done it many times it does not have the same effect. A new girl can remind you of your old one so it still isn't like the first times. Get married and you won't have to worry about sex at all after six months.

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