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He complains all the time?

My bf complains and it bothers me. I live in a highly populated area in the city. He lives in a quiet suburb. Parking where I live is difficult but not impossible. Everytime he comes to visit me he complains about the parking. He refuses to park more than two blocks away from my place and lives with this constant mindset that someone will break into his car, even though I've reassured him that I've lived in this area for more than 10 years and they don't vandalize cars. He brought me home last night and refused to stay because he said he refused to walk an additional block. I was extremely upset and told him that if parking is going to be an issue in our relationship then were not going to work.

I've chosen to not have a car because I live in area where I don't need. Public transit takes me straight to work and I like catching uber. He complains about that as well. Saying that everyone needs a car. Everytime I pick a movie that he complains that everything that's happening is stupid and he doesn't want to watch it. He only wants to watch the shows he picks. Am I overreacting feeling like we're not going to work. I plan on renewing me lease one more year and I'm fearful that he'll stop wanting to visit because he doesn't like the parking situation.

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    You are not overacting. If the relationship was important to him, he'd find a workaround to the parking situation. As it is, he seems to be a controller. He whines about this or that to get people to his side just to make him happy. You will spend your life trying to make this guy happy, when from the outside, you can see, you never will.

    Don't spend all your time making someone else happy who doesn't want it. Find someone else.

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    He is a control freak and he doesn't want it to work when you're in a relationship it's 50/50 and he doesn't wanna meet you halfway or even compromise he sounds like an annoying nut i think you deserve alot better don't settle for this guy.

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    My sister moved from Florida to NYC on 911, no less. Even with the collapsed twin towers in view of her balcony on Park Row across the street from the Woolworth building, she stayed in the city.

    She gave up her car and, like you, she used public transportation, like most of the people who live in the city. Not having a car was NEVER an issue with her because there are so many other alternatives for transportation.

    Your boyfriend just refuses to compromise and THAT is the issue here. NOT that you do not have a car or parking readily available. He just wants it all his way or no way.

    That is a red flag. If a dude cannot walk a block or three to be with the woman he loves, then that is a sign that this dude is not the right guy for you. Any person who always complains and wants things their way is going to be a difficult person to have a long lasting relationship with. So, cut your losses and begin to withdraw from the relationship because it will never amount to happiness for you.

    Now you know.

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    I don't have a drivers license, and a car. No, everyone doesn't need a car. Having a car isn't a necessity like having food, and a roof over your head.

    I recently read about a woman getting raped in Uber, so please be careful. Taking public transit is fine. I also take public transportation.

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  • Kelly
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    I would part ways with negative nancy.

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    If your dream is to live in the congested city and he can't abide that lifestyle you'll clearly never live together. So it may be time to reevaluate the future of this relationship.

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    You are definitely not overreacting, and if you had to go online to write this post that should mean something. If you live in a populated area i dont think it would be hard finding a new boo thang :)

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    I live in a big city. My husband and I got rid of our cars ages ago and find public transportation far better. Parking and insurance are just too expensive. If we need a car, we rent one.

    Since your boyfriend doesn't actually live in a city, he doesn't grasp that everyone does NOT need a car and that too many people own them for the good of the environment. We'd all be better off if there were fewer cars around. I used to live in Europe, where people simply do not have the car-obsessed mindset Americans do.

    Your boyfriend sounds like an unsophisticated whiner, and frankly, if he's going to continue to behave this way, you're right to feel that this relationship isn't going to work -- for more reasons than the car conflict. His personality seems to be very problematic all the way around. To stop visiting someone you love because of parking? Really? And then there's his whining over movies.

    If I were you, I'd suggest taking a break from the relationship because you don't really seem to be compatible. Then, you use that break to think seriously about whether you want to be with this guy. From what you've described, I can't imagine why you would.

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    i wouldnt go out with sorneone that likes to cornplain all the tirne rnyself to be honest

  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    So exactly what are you getting from this relationship.? He sounds unpleasant and selfish, are you only staying with him because it's better than having no one ?

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