What are the Must-Haves when it comes to Kitchen Cabinet Design?

One of the best feeling after completing a kitchen remodel and getting a new kitchen cabinet is realizing that all your kitchen goods have a place. It is even better when your new kitchen cabinet design is functional and intuitive so that you can strategically place all the things where you want to keep them. So, how would you decide what cabinet features will actually be needed when you are in the planning phase. It is better to plan for your essential kitchen cabinets before that your cooking and cleaning will be more magical.

While planning for kitchen cabinets, it is crucial to give proper heed to the two must-haves of kitchen cabinets. The first one is the drawers, which are the ultimate and flexible storage devices. When it comes to drawers, make sure that drawers are ergonomic and flexible. The second important thing is the trash pull-out. So you are building a new kitchen and then get your trash behind the kitchen cabinet door. It is good to have a trash unit built inside to your kitchen cabinetry and prefer to have double, for trash and recycling.

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  • 3 weeks ago

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I have cabinets and a pantry with pull-out shelves that function like drawers. I LOVE them.

    Good lighting under the upper cabinets and in the pantry are much appreciated.

    I'd really love a removable compost bin that recesses into the counter so it's flush and has an airtight lid.

    I am not a fan of cabinets with see-through glass doors. I'm also not a fan of pots/pans hanging from the ceiling or open shelving/storage racks. I like things to be put away out of sight. I'm a no-clutter kind of person.

  • 6 months ago

    Yeah, I am not much into drawers either. Or those deep corner cupboards where stuff gets lost in them when it falls off the lazy susan in there.

    I don't like things stored above the stove either.

    I like the cups by the sink, plates and bowls by the silverware, etc.

    Mostly I can make any kitchen work because I am in charge of where I put things.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    The must haves are the things YOU want to have. I think drawers are a waste of space except for cutlery and tea towels. I don't like trash inside my cabinets: too much risk of attracting vermin. Most base units are difficult to access and don't hold very much. By the time I have used all the space for appliances I only have one for pans and another under the sinks for cleaning stuff.

    I designed most of my cabinets to be just 4 inches deep covering an entire wall so that I can see all the packets and jars, or glasses, cups etc, at a glance without digging around in conventional 1ft wall cabinets. That way I lose virtually nothing off the room for a heck of a lot of storage capacity.

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