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Facts- Trump loves America, democrats love terrorists, cop killers , illegals?

ughh, hello ..and who will you vote for? who will your children be better off with?

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    Democrats are:

    Corrupt bureaucrats

    Slaves to foreign and corporate entities.

    Deniers of basic cultural facts

    Promoters of degeneration of culture (feminism, islam, LGBTQ)

    Promoters of anti-white hypocrisy

    Does not care about wellbeing of supporters or Americans in general

    Meanwhile, Republicans are:

    Corrupt bureaucrats

    Slaves to foreign & corporate entities

    Deniers of basic science

    Promoters of wars

    Does not care about wellbeing of supporters or Americans in general

    Two sides to the same evil coin.

    If you can see through all the petty squabbles about football players kneeling, or gay wedding cakes, there is barely any difference between them.

    All bureaucrats & puppets who are slaves to corporate interests and the NWO and the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy, and don’t care about the interests of the people.

    As for now, Republicans are better by an inch, simply because they don’t want degeneration of white culture and mass Muslim infestation such as in Western Europe.

    However, to place even a drop of trust or faith in any of these people would be a mistake.

    Source(s): Being left feeling abandoned by American politics, I kept an open attitude about politics and did my own research. I came upon these conclusions.
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    6 months ago

    What a depressing game.

  • 6 months ago

    You're almost as big a liar as Dotard is.

    • dotard---you liberals are so clever---NOT, you are f4cking morons--

  • 6 months ago

    no i do not think so

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    These are facts you sad little kitty

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Facts-the KKK openly support the republican party, according to FBI data compiled by the RAND corporation right-wing (American conservative) terrorists have killed 18x more people in the last 30 years than left-wing terrorists, fact Timothy McVey was a conservative, there is no left-wing equivalent to the alt-right, the GOP has openly and actively worked for years to take away the rights of gays and when they failed and they got the right to be married and openly serve in the military the GOP turned against transgender individuals with bathroom usage laws and military service bans, the tea-pot dome scandal, Richard Nixon, 2008 recession happened under "dubya" Bush's watch and he left it for Obama to clean up, the great depression happened under Hoover's watch and he left it for FDR to clean up. The southern Democrats who opposed freeing the slaves (which was part of what lead to the civil war) were conservative (pre-realignment where republicans became conservative and democrats became liberal)...which means Lincoln was a liberal, conservatives opposed the Civil Rights Act which was passed by Lyndon B. Johnson a democrat while the GOP was supporting people like George Wallace who's famous quote is "...segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." Almost exclusively all the states that take in more Federal funding than they pay out (in taxes) are Republican while almost exclusively all the states that take in less than they pay out are Democrat (which means that Republican states are funded by the taxes from Democrat states and would be bankrupt without them...the money's gotta come from somewhere), nearly 100% of the poorest states in the country are republican where the largest percentage of people living on welfare live, all the states that have the worst education systems are republican, Ronald Reagan (the republican Jesus) had the bay of pigs scandal and gave money to terrorist organizations in the middle of which grew up and became responsible for 9/11, Trump said he would accept foreign aid in his 2020 election campaign even though it was against the law, his Press Secretary (after leaving office) admitted that she was instructed to outright lie (not just bend the truth) numerous times by the Trump administration. Need I go on?

    • Questioneer6 months agoReport

      Need you continue? You never even started! Your points consist of a 40 year old event and calling Democrats from 150 years ago "actually Republicans". ANTIFA is a Dem supporting FBI recognized terrorist organization.

      Triggered that your Russian collusion turned out to be a nothingburger?

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Importing Jihad

    The squalid spectacle of “Israel has hypnotized the world” Ilham Omar in the U.S. Congress should settle one question forever. Is it bigoted, irrational, or hateful to take immigration seriously?

    That’s what the NeverTrumpers over at The Bulwark still claim. It’s the subtext of the sniping that Establishment Republicans still aim at Trump and his supporters.

    To arrive at our answer, let’s address a few factual queries:

    Q: Why is a bigoted Sunni Muslim with the narrow worldview of a Somali tribesman, who scapegoats the Jews for the chaos in her home country, serving in the U.S. Congress?

    A: Because she represents a whole constituency of people who think just like her, who now live in Minnesota.

    That raises another question:

    Q: Why is there such a congressional district in Minnesota, which (last time I checked) does not border Somalia?

    A: Because the Obama administration recruited and imported thousands of immigrants from Somalia. It spent millions of dollars to find such people, fly them over a half dozen safe, Sunni Muslim countries, and bring them to America.

    So the next question:

    Q: Why did the U.S. government do that? Aren’t refugees supposed to go to the “first safe country” near their homes? So they either return when it’s safe, or assimilate more easily?

    A: The Obama administration was pursuing the goal of Diversity. It was aiding in the “fundamental transformation” Obama promised of America. By breaking up communities that lacked this vital value. That is, Diversity. Minnesota and Maine didn’t have enough anti-Semitic Muslims, apparently. So the federal government stepped in to fix that. Meanwhile, Iraqi Christians, who actually had been displaced to the tune of a million people by our invasion of Iraq? They weren’t “diverse” enough, so Obama admitted virtually none of them. They still mostly languish in camps.

    Divide and Squander

    The Obama administration imitated the strategy of leftist governments in Europe. They too, imported distant Muslims to their countries, precisely in order to disrupt and divide the populace. And to liquidate what traces of a common Christian culture the nation might have.

    Help us champion truth, freedom, limited government and human dignity. Support The Stream »

    The plan is clear. It applies wherever leftist globalists wield power. Use arguments of “compassion” as needed to get the Muslims across the border and safely resettled. Then use their presence in Italian schools to demand that the classrooms take down their crucifixes. Use their presence in Britain to suppress criticism of Islam as a potential “breach of the peace.”

    Weaponize them as reliable voters for the radical left. Never mind how they differ on issues of sexual politics. What matters is liquidating the old, common Christian culture. The trans activists, the gay libertines, and the Islamists will settle their differences later. For now they’re united by a common goal, as the U.S. and the Soviets were up through 1945.

    Making the First Amendment Unenforceable

    The thing is, it’s actually un-American for us to try to silence Muslims, however radical, once they’re here. They deserve religious liberty, under the First Amendment. But that Amendment wasn’t written with them in mind. It didn’t envision millions of people whose creed demands intolerance. Whose native cultures often include polygamy, female genital mutilation, and honor killing. Whose politics in many countries include, as a matter of course, a paranoid anti-Semitism — to the point that Hitler is still a folk hero to some.

    The more such people we have in our borders who espouse such views, the harder it is for us to practice the religious liberty our Founders left us. Which is a very good prudential reason to keep the number of Muslim immigrants with Islamist views manageably small. No one has any presumptive legal or moral right to enter America, and the First Amendment doesn’t apply to foreign residents or potential immigrants. We may pick them as we choose.

    The Left knows that. It doesn’t favor real religious freedom, anyway. Insofar as the left views religion as fundamentally dangerous, bringing in people whose religious and cultural background actually threatens America only helps make its case. Religion (especially Christianity) needs to be contained by powerful legal restrictions.

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    6 months ago

    You are too stupid. Remain silent.

  • 6 months ago

    Mm mm mm mm mm mm mammal

  • 6 months ago

    What you call "facts" are self-evident falsehoods.

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