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How to stop my hair falling out / breaking?

I have always had very fine hair which falls out when I’m stressed. I have 2 year old twins which means I’m not getting much sleep and I’m coeliac. I used to use Nioxin every other day and dry shampoo in between, but got told dry shampoo is very bad for your scalp so stopped. I then started using Alpecin every day or Plantur 39, but now my hair is badly breaking. I take Biocin already every day. I desperately need a hair regime to help my scalp and hair and don’t know what to do, any suggestions please? X

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    I have coeliac and understand your problem. It's the stress. And the coeliac. All the shampoo in the world won't do anything for problems inside the body. Hair health shows overall whole body health. The hair and scalp skin is a symptom of gluten exposure so try to get to the source of the gluten and eliminate it. If you are preparing gluten containing food for your children then you are getting a steady exposure to gluten and this is making you sick. Start wearing food-prep gloves while preparing food -even for something as simple as toast. These are similar to doctor's gloves and found on Amazon and at some food stores. Also set aside an area in the kitchen that's a 100% gluten free zone. Keep your stuff away from everyone else's. I had a really small kitchen when diagnosed and I ended up getting a portable kitchen island cabinet for dishes, knives forks and spoon, specailty food and a few cooking pots that were never used for anything with gluten. It took up space, but it became a lifesaver. And get a toaster for you and you alone. Trust me.

    When the gluten exposure is under control both the stress and the hair should improve. If it doesn't then it's back to the doctor for thyroid tests. Coeliac and thyroid disorders go hand in hand and it could be either a too active thyroid of a thyroid that's not working at all. Blood tests are needed to tell the difference. I ended up having Grave's -a hyperactive thyroid. Once the grave and coeliac were under control I became a different person and stressful things didn't bother me as much, my hair and skin gradually got better and my overall health improved.

  • Frank
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    6 months ago

    Don’t bother. Cut your hair very short and wear a wig. I’m being serious.

    • alexis6 months agoReport

      If I wanted to cut my hair very short and wear a wig I would have done that already. I’m after more helpful constructive advice thanks x

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