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Hard to act with CGI?

Is it?

Acting with something that isn't actually there when filming?

Such as in Jurassic Park when Sam Neill first sees the dinosaur, it wasnt actually there when it was filmed, so what would he be actually looking at and reacting to?

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    It's not difficult for good, well-trained actors.

    Sometimes they use a pole with a blob on the end, covered in green so it can be removed digitally.

    Sometimes there's a person standing there - again removed digitally.

    Other times the actor uses his or her imagination.

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    Not here to validate your opinions.

    Focus on your mental health issues, sophie.

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    It’s a skill that well-trained actors learn. There are several different acting exercises that actors can learn to help them react and interact with an imaginary scene partner.

    An actor has be consistent where they are looking because you want the final product to appear like the actor is really looking at the CGI character. So a puppet (sometimes to scale) or other object (like a tennis ball on a stick) may be used when rehearsing the scene so the actor can practice and remember where they need to look when the scene is actually filmed. Sometimes the puppet/object will be used during the filing and then edited out later and replaced with the CGI effect.

    Likewise, the production may also have an off-camera actor deliver of the CGI character’s lines or they may produce the sounds the CGI character would make so that the on-camera actor has something to react to. Again those would be edited out in the final production.

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    It'll often be done in front of a green screen, quite often they will be talking to an actual person or something and they just remove that in post. But yes, they're essentially reacting to nothing which can be hard to do

    Most of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren't CGI, they were animatronics so they were seeing them when acting.

    A good example would be this photo of the velociraptors in Jurassic World, these guys were edited out and replaced with CGI velociraptors. It gives the actors something to actually react to

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    He would have been standing in front of a green screen and imaging what he was looking at. By all accounts, its not easy

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