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Why are people happy with the analog to digital tv transition when analog weak stations were watchable and digital are not?

With analog tv, you could have a weak station come in, and there might be a cake of snow over it but you could still watch it and hear what they're saying .

Digital stations, the whole station would show tiny squares and freeze up, alongside with in and out audio when it would be weak.

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    Not all of us are. Reception is even impacted when there are leaves on the trees, and some apartments don't allow aerials, but cable TV seems too darned expensive.

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    Every time they upgrade the phones to the next generation you seem to get pixelization, so you upgrade your antenna then the phones etc.

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    True, the "digits" in digital tv transmission don't like to have untrue data, it doesn't make sense to the processor so the processor stops until there's good data. Analog, like am radio reception, is not fussy and if there's a detectable signal, you'll see it. With digital tv, you have all the items in the picture, a desk, a glass, a picture on the wall don't change so with digital transmission all you need do is transmit the changes, hand gestures etc. A more efficient process

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    a video line amp can boost signal strength,my set,a zenith 1991 space command ( permanently .set to ch 3,speaker inside taped off)

    plus a fridge 80 bucks,incl delivery by thrift shop truck),an insignia dig. converter,RF converter,radio shack antenna line booster amp, ( used,,cost 3 bucks),,,,,a chromebooks laptop,headphone out 1/8th stereo port into audio,,,,I get free tv chs,about 50 of 80 possible,,,,,,you tube & internet free movies into tv,,,,,,,it works well.Many out here have mix & match older stuff

    ,after some fiddling with adjustable pots with small screwdrivers inside the set,a nice like new clear pics showed up on the tv after purchase,,old is gold,I be a hapoy camper.

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    I am not happy with it.

    There is, however, nothing we can do about it.

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    People aren't happy about that, people always complain about buffering, freezes and artifacting. However, people also prefer higher quality picture and audio, people moved on from outdated analog TV.

    The benefits of digital TV outweighs the downsides of it, obviously the older generation won't think that way but that'll be the same for everything. The generation before them didn't like the way these new kids did things and prefer it the old way and the generation before them as well.

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