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Why do we need oil?

I seriously don't know why is oil necessary. I know oil is used to power up engines, but why is oil needed to make the engines work? Why can't they work with water or something else? Ive watched videos on youtube with people making car engines work with water. What else is oil used for? Can't we make engines or technology work without oil? What makes oil necessary for those technologies to work? I would appreciate if someone explain this to me in a simple way.

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    Oil Used as a Lubricant , for Piston & piston Rings and act as a seal ,Oil is an Insulator ,water cannot be used as a Lubrication Petrol Engine are used with Spark Plug ,how it will work Imagine If it is operated by Steam Engine water can be used as Lubricant .For Latest Internal Combustion Engine oil only used .

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    The conventional car uses gasoline for energy, made from crude oil, and oil for lubrication also generally refined oil. Gasoline has loads of energy in it, the car burns the gas and converts the energy to kinetic energy to move you down the road. Water does not have that potential. As far as lubrication, oil has thousands of times the lubrication ability of water. Don't believe everything you see on you tube. Most of it is made up bs. Engines running on water is total bs as serious as they try to sound. They are lying.

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    Oil is used for much more than fuel.

  • John
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    Sincere questions. Work is defined as moving an object. This requires energy. That's physics, it doesn't and can't change. The energy used to be horses and oxen, which ate food - biological energy comes from food. Then it turned to steam, which is made by fire (energy). And then came gasoline. Gasoline carries the most energy per gallon of anything that is relatively safe and easily available, meaning cheap.

    The next biggest - or maybe it IS the biggest, I forget - use of oil is making plastics of all kinds.

    Smart people are already working to get off the oil habit. Solar power and other alternatives, electric cars are finally becoming mainstream. Lots of things. Some of this is money, much of it is because burning petroleum is inherently pollution causing.

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    A lot of stuff we do, we do that way because it is quickest, easiest, and/or cheapest (least expensive). Oil is a pretty easy to get source of energy and chemical raw materials used in manufacturing, and a source of lubricants. They once chased whales around the oceans to get oil and grease. We will eventually abandon oil for most uses (especially the wasteful practice of burning it for its energy). Getting there. It will happen because we won't have a choice.

    The main thing, now, is that we have huge systems set up based on using oil, and we would have to rebuild the entire system to change, and people simply don't want to yet. It isn't worth the money and effort to a lot of people. it is in process, but it will not happen in a day.

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    First engine was made power with steam ( water vapor ) , that was the most simple way to run an engine. However, it is big and require time to start ( boiling up water into steam ).

    Gasoline engine is much smaller and easy to start without waiting time, and oil was found full of them from earth. Oil was very cheap at the time first using in engine ( about a few cents per gallon in 18 century ).

    We found more way to run engine, like hydrogen,nuclear,battery....etc, but none of those engines and system as for now are cheaper than gasoline engine. That is why we still need oil to run the existed engine until oil is used up perhaps in the near next 100 years as prediction.

  • David
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    Even water propelled engines need an energy source.

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    Those videos are fakes.

    Conservation of energy. You need the energy stored in the oil to make the engines deliver energy. The engine just converts the chemical energy in the oil into mechanical energy of motion.

    Bottom line, you don't get something for nothing, which would be the result if you had engines that produced power without any energy input.

    Note that there are engines that operate on electricity, natural gas, cooking oil, but they all need energy input.

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      oil consists of hydrocarbon chains. Look that up online. also look up internal combustion engines. And steam engine. And combustion.

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