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What is known about Prince Charles’ many German first-cousins, who are the nieces & nephews of Prince Philip (the children of his 4 sisters)?

Prince Philip’s 4 sisters all married Germans and lived their lives n Germany. Who are their children who are paternal first-cousins to Prince Charles (Princess Margaret’s children are his maternal first-cousins)?

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    Prince Philip and his sisters and their families were very close, and he made a point of travelling to Germany (usually without the Queen, who was always too busy) whenever there was a wedding or some other major family event. At one time when his widowed sister Sophie was to marry again, he borrowed a Canadian army vehicle and dashed across war-ravaged Europe to turn up unexpectedly in time for the wedding in Salem in May 1946. Until her death in 2001, Sophie ("Tiny") was a frequent visitor to her brother and sister-in-law – as her children and grandchildren still are.

    Princess Margarita, Philip's eldest sister, was Princess Anne's godmother. Princess Sophie, his youngest sister, and Ludwig von Hessen und bei Rhein, brother-in-law of Prince Philip's sister Cecilia and a first cousin once removed of Prince Philip, were two of Prince Edward's godparents.

    Prince Philip's niece Princess Friederike of Hanover is the Queen's goddaughter, and Philipp, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Princess Margarita's grandson, is Princess Anne's godson.

    Prince Philip, who is fluent in German, also used to be a frequent visitor at the hunting lodge Schloss Wolfsgarten to see his Hesse and Battenberg relatives. There they have a windowpane doubling as a guestbook with scratched signatures and dates. The name with the most dates by far (about 3 dozen) is 'Philip' but you also find 'Nicky' and 'Alix' and 'Anne' and 'Mark' and 'Charles' and 'Diana' and a very special one: 'Lilibet 20 May1965'.

    On their last state visit to Germany, the Queen and Prince Philip had lunch with at least two of their German relatives: Prince Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse, who is the successor of Prince Philip's short-lived brother-in-law Prince Georg Donatus, and Maximillian, Margrave of Baden, the son of Prince Philip's sister Theodora.

    On the day of his platinum wedding anniversary, Prince Philip was pictured carriage riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle alongside his nephews Max and Ludwig of Baden.

    Donatus of Hesse, not a nephew of Prince Philip but a descendant of Queen Victoria via her eldest daughter, is a horse breeder like the Queen and has accompanied her to various events, like the Royal Windsor Horse Show. He gave her a 5-yo. premium Trakehner mare called Dolce Luciana as a Diamond Jubilee anniversary gift.

    Charles and his siblings certainly know all their German cousins very well.

    Below: Prince Philip at the 1957 wedding of his niece Margarita in Salem, West Germany. He also attended her funeral in 2013.

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    Much is known about Philip's sisters and their husbands.

    Eldest sister, Margarita, married married Prince Gottfried of Hohenlohe-Langenburg . They had children:

    Stillborn daughter (born and died 3 December 1933)

    Prince Kraft Alexander Ernst Ludwig Georg Emich (25 June 1935 – 16 March 2004); succeeded his father as Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

    Princess Beatrix Alice Marie Melita Margarete of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (10 June 1936 – 15 November 1997)

    Prince Georg Andreas Heinrich of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (born 24 November 1938) married Luise, Princess of Schönburg-Waldenburg on 9 September 1968. They have two daughters:

    Princess Katharina Clementine Beatrix of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (born 21 November 1972) married Prince Nikolaus of Waldeck and Pyrmont on 29 September 2002. They have two daughters:

    Princess Laetitia of Waldeck and Pyrmont (born 2 December 2003)

    Princess Alexia of Waldeck and Pyrmont (born 20 June 2006)

    Princess Tatiana Luise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (born 10 February 1975) married Hubertus Stephan on 10 September 2010. They have two sons:

    Carl Stephan (born 22 January 2012)

    Wolf Thomas Dres Stephan (born 5 October 2013)

    Prince Rupprecht Sigismund Philipp Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (7 April 1944 – 8 April 1978)

    Prince Albrecht Wolfgang Christoph of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (7 April 1944 – 23 April 1992) married Maria-Hildegard Fischer on 23 January 1976. They have one son:

    Prince Ludwig of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (21 April 1976)

    Theodora married her paternal second cousin Berthold, Margrave of Baden and they had:

    Theodora married her paternal second cousin Berthold, Margrave of Baden on 17 August 1931 at Neues Schloß, Baden-Baden, Germany.[1][1] They had three children:

    Princess Margarita Alice Thyra Viktoria Marie Louise Scholastica of Baden (14 July 1932 – 15 January 2013) she married Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia on 5 June 1957 and they were divorced in 1981. They have two children, two granddaughters and one great-grandson.

    Prince Maximillian Andreas Friedrich Gustav Ernst August Bernhard of Baden (3 July 1933) he married Archduchess Valerie of Austria on 23 September 1966. They have four children and four grandchildren.

    Prince Ludwig Wilhelm Georg Ernst Christoph of Baden (16 March 1937) he married Princess Anna Maria (Marianne) of Auersperg-Breunner on 21 October 1967. They have three children:

    Princess Sophie Thyra Josephine Georgine Henriette of Baden (b. Heidelberg, 8 July 1975)

    Prince Berthold Ernst-August Emich Rainer of Baden (b. Heidelberg, 8 October 1976)

    Princess Aglaë Margarete Tatiana Mary of Baden (b. Heidelberg, 3 March 1981)

    Cecilie married Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine;their issue:

    Prince Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine was born 25 October 1931 and died 16 November 1937, killed in air accident

    Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine was born 14 April 1933

    Princess Johanna of Hesse and by Rhine was born 20 September 1936 and 14 June 1939 ,died from meningitis.

    Stillborn son born 16 November 1937. died 16 November 1937,born on an aircraft mid-flight and killed in air accident

    Cecilie and her husband both joined the Nazi Party, so Philip did not have much contact with her. Cecilie and family died in an air crash.

    Youngest sister Sophie was the first to wed, marrying her second cousin-once-removed Prince Christoph of Hesse--they did not have much contact with Philip because Christoph joined the Nazi party. They had five children:

    Princess Christina Margarethe of Hesse (10 January 1933 – 22 November 2011), married successively to Prince Andrew of Yugoslavia and Robert Floris van Eyck and had issue

    Princess Dorothea of Hesse (24 July 1934), married Prince Friedrich Karl of Windisch-Grätz and had issue

    Prince Karl of Hesse (26 March 1937) married Countess Yvonne Szapáry von Muraszombath, Széchysziget und Szapár and had issue

    Prince Rainer Christoph Friedrich of Hesse (18 November 1939)

    Princess Clarissa Alice of Hesse (6 February 1944), married Jean-Claude Derrien and had issue

    Christopher died in a crash and Sophie remarried, this time to Prince George William of Hanover.Together they had children:

    Prince Welf Ernst of Hanover (25 January 1947 – 10 January 1981), who married Wibke van Gunsteren and had issue

    Prince Georg of Hanover (born 9 December 1949), who married Victoria Anne Bee and had issue

    Princess Friederike of Hanover (born 15 October 1954), who married Jerry William Cyr and had issue

    After the death of first husband, Sophie had contact with Philip and visited him in England.

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    Plenty is known. They are/were 23, some of whom attended Prince Philip's 80th birthday celebrations, but Prince Charles has no real contact since that part of the family was estranged in the 1930s:

    Princess Johanna of Hesse and by Rhine (orphaned at 14 months and died a little later)

    Prince Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine (killed in a plane smash along with parents)

    Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine (also died in the plane smash)

    unborn cousin also killed in the plane (also died in plane smash)

    Prince Georg of Hanover

    Princess Margarita of Baden

    Princess Christina Margarethe of Hesse

    Kraft, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

    Princess Beatrix

    Prince Georg Andreas

    Prince Rupprecht

    Prince Albrecht

    Princess Margarita

    Maximilian, Margrave of Baden

    Prince Ludwig Wilhelm

    Princess Christina Margarethe of Hesse

    Princess Dorothea of Hesse

    Prince Karl of Hesse

    Prince Rainer of Hesse

    Princess Clarissa of Hesse

    Prince Welf Ernst of Hanover

    Prince Georg of Hanover

    Princess Friederike of Hanover

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    All four sisters married German princes. Prince Philip adopted a British persona and served in the Royal Navy, adopting the name Mountbatten. This was the name adopted by his maternal grandfather, Prince Louis of Battenberg when the British royal family renounced their German titles at the beginning of WW1. Philip renounced his sisters since they were seen as sympathetic to the Nazi regime (although evidence for this is fairly slim). He has 15 living nieces and nephews but apparently has no contact with them. He is third cousin to Boris Johnson, so it's hardly surprising he keeps quiet about his relations.

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