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Is this kufr (Islam)?

So I have a favourite cricket player who is a hindu. I pretend to be him. When he bowls I imagine/pretend it's me bowling. When he bats, I pretend/imagine its me batting. Even copy his bowling or batting. So as his hits the ball, I'll copy him.

I also have an excel spreadsheet where I add his scores (ie his statistics) and pretend they're my statisics?

I know this is weird but is it kufr to pretend that I am a Hindu person? Obviously I don't believe in his beliefs.

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  • Mintee
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    7 months ago

    no its nothing to do with religion.. you just idolize some sport player.. you dont worship him.. or at least I pray you dont..

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  • Snezzy
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    7 months ago

    It really depends upon your particular interpretation of Islam. Do you plan to live your life following only in the footsteps of the prophet? Perhaps the footsteps as some religious person tells you that you must? Or do you perhaps use the scriptures as a guide to ethical and moral behaviour? Or are you a perfunctory Muslim, like my friend of long ago who says his prayers but also eats pork?

    If you were to ask how the prophet played cricket you know what silly answer you would get. If you ask a bunch of random people here on Yahoo Answers you'll also get silly answers. You might even get good answers from Hindus.

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