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How to format a notebook?

By the battery. Where's it? The Windows stopped to work and the restore recovery is not loading. Is a Windows 7. I tried to link the HD to Windows XP but it didn't work, nothing is appearing?

2- For what is a notebook antenna? How much is it?

3-How does work the micro SD? Is better an USB or a micro SD?

4-How to make a WIndows XP progrram works in the Windows 7? Does exist the compatible mode?

5-How much is an USB microscope camera?

6-How to see the HD from the cell phone? HD Windows XP. Is that compatible?

7-Is that hard to buy online? How does it work? Who does pay the transport? Is that hard to sell online? How does it work? How to receive the money? Any risk? How does work paypal?

8-Is that expensive an USB to receive the 4G in the computer? And a Micro SD reader, and a disk reader? And an USB to bluetooth?

9- What can you do with a 10' 2 in 1 computer with 2GB Ram and 32GB HD?

10- What's a 3G tablet?

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    Ask these as separate questions. Many people will ignore postings like this with unrelated questions in them.

    Don't be lazy. Delete this question and post the 10 questions separately.

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