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My self harm scar won t heel...Why?

So I ve cut myself a few months ago maybe four or five months ago to be exact....and we ll I ve been trying to cover it up with petroleum jelly vaseline and I don t know if that helps it turn back to normal or what....but will my skin turn back to normal or will it stay there forever? :"( I ve cut before but they usually disappear because it wasn t that deep enough.Did I do it cut too deep where the skin tissue won t turn back anymore? What do I need to use to help heal it 😭pls help me :(

If there is any misspelled or weird words that make no sense it s my terrible keyboard :( I need to get a new one soon 😅

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    I use a cream called e-45 but honestly I have had self injury scars for YEARS and one day they just go... so you can't really say for certian if it's there forever.

    If its a red mark, use creams and lotions, also remember fluid counts, drink more water it will help your skin and in turn the scar.

    If it's a white/silver mark. Unfortunately they can remain for longer, and this is usually the last healing stage. They can fade with time and care.

    If it is a indentation, for lack of better word. I have a few of these from more severe scars, then yes unfortunately they may not heal further. If the skin has returned to its normal colour but you have a indention where you cut it may have finished healing. I have too many to count, like this on my wrist which were from 2014. I did get a tattoo which covered a few of them, which is an option.

    Lastly, I have had many people in my life since and nobody has referenced the scars or noticed them. I always pull my hand away and panic someone will see them but nobody ever notices it's me who is aware of them.

    Give it time 5 months isn't five years... I think up to a year is still good time for it to be healing.

    Hope this helps.

    Lastly, I'm 25 and I still struggle with self injury. It isn't something that goes away and the urges will always be there. I hope you're okay, and I hope that you are able to fight future urges and find alternative outlets.

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    Try your stomach instead

  • 6 months ago

    Because it is damage from an injury. Quit doing it.

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    Scars dont heal cuz they are already healed......... just an fyi

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    They have pads and creams at the drug store to help reduce scars

    I used them on a very large a thick surgical scar. They reduced it a lot it is still visible but mine was much more intense then a self harm scar so I'd give them a try. Just ask the pharmacist where they are they should be able to help you

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    They NEVER go away. I have operation scars from 40 years ago. Vaseline won't help, nothing will. It is there for life.

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    It will diminish over time but may never be gone completely, or maybe it will eventually go away. Petroleum jelly won't help, just live with it. Think up a good excuse if anyone ever asks - they may not believe it but stick to it and to hell with them.

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    you shouldn't have done it

  • Anonymous
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    Honestly have no idea.... But from what i have heard self harm marks dont go away

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