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Am I the only one that has wrinkles and eye bags in certain lightings (sun) but in other lightings I have perfect glowing skin?

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    It s 100% normal. It is, in fact, so normal that almost 50 years ago Rod Stewart wrote this line in a song about an older woman he was seeing: "when the morning sun is in your face it really shows your age"

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    Aloe vera lotion is good for usage in that case.

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    Strong, direct light reveals skin details such as wrinkles. Soft light that's often seen indoors with low-wattage incandescent lamps is more forgiving.

    My fluorescent bathroom light over the mirror reveals every flaw. It's discouraging, but it clearly shows what I need to do with creams and makeup to conceal some of them.

    Recommendation: It may be time to invest in some really good eye cream, and use it regularly.

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    6 months ago

    no because the sunlight reveals your wrinkles more

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