Does my coworker like me?!?

Theres a girl I work with that Ive never actually got down to telling her I like her but when another coworker who is male told her I like her she said “he knows he’s my baby” and one time she told me she liked me but I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not (please let me finish it gets more confusing) I told her I only wanted sex but in my head which I never told her that I have strong feelings for her.. anyway she lets me grab her butt and gets on top of me when I fall on the ground laughing like a sex position she sometimes sit on my lap and twerks on me and when she was on my back I brought her in the bathroom! She touches me all throughout the shift and gives me a massage on my back without me asking (heres where it gets weird and annoying) she told me she doesnt like me three times even though she did call me sexy and gets jealous of another girl that works in the same area its obvious because she talks about her more than I do and she asked me to the movies and honestly I know it sounds childish but I just wanted to say it in detail

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  • 6 months ago
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    It doesn't sound childish, it sounds like flirting and some sexual touching. But it sounds like while you would like to have her be your girlfriend because you have strong feelings for her, she's not as into you - she seems like she just kinda wants to play around with you. Because otherwise she would not have told you that she doesn't like you three times. On the other hand, you were also lying to her when you said that you only wanted sex, so it's possible she was trying to protect herself too. I guess in the future, I would be a little more honest - you don't have to tell someone that you have strong feelings for them, but I also wouldn't say that you only want sex, because that will confuse someone who DOES like you more than that, and might even cause them to cover up their true feelings. With this girl, if you really want to, you could ask her out on an actual date, just in case she really does like you more than her words suggest, but I would just proceed with emotional caution, because she already told you she doesn't like you, so this might not work out. But again, it might be worth a shot, since perhaps she was only hiding her feelings since you were too. And I guess what do you have to lose?

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    6 months ago

    Girls dont like guys at all

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