Is 32 Mph fast enough to outrun these following living things?

I have an electric scooter that I purchased four weeks ago and on the specs sheet, they claim it can do 43 mph and 40-50 miles. However, I’ve driven this thing enough times and it never achieves those claimed specs as I’ve went past those street radars many times. So this scooter alone(not including shipping) cost me $1400. My question is, for that price do you think it is too expensive for a 32 mph scooter that does 40 miles or did I get my money’s worth out of it?

Another random topic:

If my scooter was charged and in good condition, would it be able to outrun animals such as a pit bull, German Shepard, Rottweiler or a Caucasian Shepard?

How about wild animals such as a

Tiger, rhino or a wild boar?

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  • 9 months ago
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    In a city, you could easily get away from a tiger or rhino simply by going through something too narrow for the animal to fit. In the animal's natural habitat, you could not outrun the animal because the ground is dirt and frequently muddy or blocked by tree stumps or debris so the scooter wouldn't go very fast and might get stuck.

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    9 months ago

    You did not purchase an electric scooter. You got on a 12 month payment plan for yet another silly toy that cost you $1,799 dollars (be honest!). Adding that to your existing credit card debt, you're running about 12,000 dollars.

    So the real question is whether you can outrun the collection agencies (not if you can outrun a wild boar). With your minimum wage job at the Home Depot, there's little hope for you. Heck, my 18 year old son is working in the summer at a large slaughter house and he made $32 an hour over the weekend and $24 base. My 22 year old son makes more than twice that at his WayFair internship. How much do you make per hour, Mark? And is it enough to make your minimum monthly payments?

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