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How does blood in stool look like?

If I had blood, visible to the naked eye of course, in my poop, how would it appear? Inside of poop, outside of poop, color of it? Black pink red, dark etc. thanks.

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    Bleeding high up in the GI tract makes stool black, very tarry looking with a distinct odor. Bleeding in the anus such as a hemorrhoid is just as if bleeding from anywhere was op top of the stool, it’s red.

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    OR looks like coffee grounds.

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    The stool will be black and tarry looking. It will also have a smell, sort of like metallic. If it's not in the stool itself but just blood on toilet paper, it's likely from a hemorrhoid or a small anal tear.

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    Black and fluffy looking is a serious warning sign, blood in the water is normally a common tear which heals in about a few weeks.

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