Identify the element oxidized, the element reduced, the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent.?

2Bi(OH)3 + 6NH3 --> 2Bi + 2N2H4 + 6H2O

NEED: Name of element oxidized, name of the element reduced, formula of the oxidizing agent, formula of the reducing agent.

Please help. Thanks!

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  • david
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    6 months ago
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    Bi gains electrons .. so Bi in Bi(OH)3 is reduced.

    N loses electrons ... so N in NH3 is oxidized

    • PartyGirl6 months agoReport

      actually no it would be the opposite on the agents okay i understand thanks

  • 6 months ago

    nitrogen is oxidized, bismuth is reduced, Bi(OH)3 is the oxidizing agent, NH3 is the reducing agent

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