What material should I use to fill ruts on a powersports track?

Me and a few friends wore in a track in a field that we have permission to ride in. The owner said we can ride there as long as we don't make deep ruts. All of us have decently powered machines, and have formed some good size ruts on the track. What are some good materials to fill in the ruts that is resistant to wheel spin/being thrown back out of the rut? Any input is appreciated.

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  • 6 months ago

    Why don't you rent a sand pro scarifier? And running around the track and level it off so that it looks leval? they're not that expensive to rent and the person that owns the track will really appreciate your responsibility in caring for what you have done. Order some crush and run and intermingle it into your track.

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  • Rick
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    6 months ago

    With all due respect to inconclusive_disjunction , crushed stone would be a better choice because of the way the rough edges pack together. Admittedly and arguably, crushed stone is gravel, but small round river rock is also gravel and because of it's smooth and rounded shape does not pack together as well as crushed stone.

  • 6 months ago

    Large-sized gravel.

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